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Gateway was founded in 1997. Committed to digital flatbedA�printing equipment and consumable materialsa�� development, production and sales.A�Gateway printer was popular all around the world.A�There are stable agents in Beijing, Shanghai, the United States, France,A�Germany andA�Russia who will give considerate supportA�to ourA�guest.A�Our technology is used for IT, toy, metal, plastic, gift, advantage, textile, construction, ceramic, glass, furniture and so on. Where there is color, is Gatewaya��s printer.

Look forward to the future. Insist to innovation. Follow the market. ProvideA�responsible after sales service. Fully determining provides a total solution of digital printing on different industries. Progress with customers, to bring our products to further.

Quality is the result of customera��s demand. We createA�what you want! We will work harder in the future.