Basic CMYK

ColorOcean集團成立於 2004 年,已超過 12 年的經驗,我們提供互動的印刷技術解決方案,增強數碼印刷市場,我們擁有專業的工程團隊,提供優質技術支援服務,確保我們的客戶滿意,服務的範圍遍及東馬及西馬。

卓越源自我們不斷的追求。世上沒有最好,只有更好!誠信,務實是 ColorOcean 的企業宗旨,在廣告印刷業飛速發展的今天,ColorOcean 會一如既往地以市場需求為導向,不斷地改進開發新產品,服務於廣告業,服務於社會。



1. 大型機 / 新機與中古機。
2. 戶內 / 戶外墨水及耗材。
3. 機器的修理及維護。
4. 相關產品零 / 配件,護貝機及各式周邊商品。


我們的理念:    聆聽和理解客戶的需求,提供優質和專業的反應,提供專業的意見並建立長期的合作關係,是企業成功的因素。


我們的願景:    我們的目標是要在馬來西亞成為大幅面印表機的領先分銷商和一站式機械服務中心為小型企業和大型企業組織提供服務和解決方案。

Colorocean Group established in Year 2004, has over 8 years of experience, we provide solutions for the interactive printing technologies to bring enhancement into digital printing market. Our Company has a professional engineering team to provide quality technical support services to ensure satisfaction of our customers. The range of services throughout the East Malaysia and West Malaysia.
Excellence comes from our continuous pursuit. There is no best, only better! Honesty, pragmatism is Colorocean corporate purposes. The rapid development of the advertising and printing industry today, Colorocean will follow to market demand-oriented, constantly developing new products, services in advertising industry and service to society.


We are specialized in:
1.Large format printers / new and used machinery
2.Indoor / outdoor ink and media
3.Machine repair and maintenance
4.Related products for example spare parts, accessories, laminator machine and all kinds of merchandise.


Business philosophy:
Listening to and understanding customer needs, providing quality and professional response, expert advice and building long term relationship are contributive success factors.


Our vision is to become the leading distributor in large format printer and one stop machinery service center, provide services and solutions for small businesses and large corporate organizations in Malaysia.